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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I've moved to a new blog.

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p/s : thanks for reading~!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've shifted my blog. Won't be updating this one anymore :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

oh boy oh boy.

finally I am getting my lazy fingers to work on a post.

Semester break has finally startedd!!

Total brain shut down after the last paper. I remember that I couldn't even text right. Like, my mind is thinking of texting these certain words but when I type them, it all came out different. WAY DIFFERENT.

Spent the first 2 days trying to adjust to stress-free life. Well, for the next 3 weeks that is how it is gonna be.

Then there is Chinese New Year. Shoppingg!!

And then after that, MY BIRTHDAY !!

Maybe I am not so hyped about turning 19. I mean, when I turned 18, I had a mid-life crisis. It was just too much. Graduating high school. Going to college. Extra freedom. All thrown at me at once. I thought it was the end of the world really. I'm a year older. One step closer to deeeath!!

But but, I'm excited that Gary will be coming down to celebrate it with me this year :D

Speaking of turning 18, I haven't done a review about year 2009.
But I have nothing much to say about it. Typical life. Had some ups and downs.
Sucky thing is, the downs were accumulating towards the end of the year but I am happy to say that year 2009 ended with a happy note. So, no complaints :)

Soon, I'll be heading for my 2nd year in college. As cliche as it sounds, time is really flying by.

On another note, I'll be moving to a new blog after my birthday. Just thought of starting everything new. New MSN. New blog. New social accounts. Hopefully meeting awesome new people. Literally trying to turn my life around somehow.

I will start linking people soon. In the mean time, stick around :D


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Many teens face a problem in trying to connect with their parents.
Hold your horses before you think I am gonna make a karangan post here.

I'm just gonna give you a little insight of my folks and the fact that
I do TRY to connect with my folks but sometimes it is just plain failure.

For instance, I'll try to strike up a conversation with my mom randomly.
But the moment my butt makes contact with my couch and I look at her, she would say, "what do you want from me?"

Can't I just have a decent chat without people linking me with a hidden agenda?!! *halo above head and choir cue*

But then again, of course it is only common to be suspicious or doubtous at other people when they 'randomly' approach you.

I'm not complaining though. Because they do provide much entertainment.

You know how as parents get older they deem themselves as people with much wisdom? I think part of their ability to try to make sense with the things they say just goes with the age. Seriously.

Just the other day my mom was telling me about how my dad suggested sun-bathing Ben.

who's Ben??

My dad suggested we should sun-bath A DOG!
THAT little furball that I love so much!

And it all started with him saying, "I don't think Ben get enough sun"


Now, can someone decipher this whole nut sentence because I think I missed the punch-line.

I'm baffled.

I mean, come on..with that amount of fur, and enormous heat, I think he will catch fire and be deduce to dust within seconds!!
It's like putting a Huskey in the middle of the hot Egyptian desert for god's sake!

Let's not even talk about the weather in Egypt. The weather here in KL is bad enough. Agree?

I think with the amount of crap my parents say (mostly my dad), I can start up a blog!!
Good idea? hahaha


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 papers down, 4 more to go.

I smell holidayyy!!

Can't wait to indulge myself in good food and shoppingg!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Earlier today, I was browsing through a few blogshops though I am pretty sure I won't put anything into my shopping cart.

I haven't tried purchasing anything online except for a pair of concert tickets and of course the usual movie tickets. I don't wanna get stuck in a snake queue at the cinema. Very frustrating.

Anyway, I saw a few blogshops that are selling super cute pairs of heels. To top things off, they come in affordable price tags!
Being a typical girl, I have my shoe fetish.

But I buy them just to put them on and look pretty and NOT suck on it like those perverts with foot/stockings/shoes fetish. That is like fucking gross. brrrughhh..

But the sad thing is...I am a size 9 (40) and most blogshops sell shoe sizes like 36 -39. Mostly up to 39 only.

So saaaad cann !

If you could put everything stated above, together, then you can see my dilemma with shoes.

It is tough for me to find non-branded shoes that is MY SIZE.
It is not fair that they only cater to petite girls with puny feet.

For instance, look at Time Square. Pretty shoes abundance. That place is starting to be my favourite haunt for shoes. So many shoe shops! and damn cheap somemore.
Sadly, don't have my size. Or rather, it is rare.

I remember once I went there looking for a pair of heels. Saw a few pretty but quirky design pair of heels but I kept getting "sorry miss, no more size"


Then I came to this shop that ACTUALLY have a size 9 ! amen.

When the lady brought the shoes out and I tried them on...Fuck! the cutting is too small. Like a freaking size 8. FML!

Hence, I give up shopping for shoes in Times Square.

Well, maybe not. I let my guard down a little sometimes and go there. Just to feast my eyes on pretty shoes and get slap with another round of disappointment.

The cousin Joan once told me I can only wear branded stuff and I have a rich kid's feet?
all said in cantonese though.

Sammy ish mad sadd !!

Blogshops please make bigger shoe sizes available for bigfoot(s) like me :(


Thursday, January 14, 2010

*tweet tweet*

A tweet message from the mother!!

Quite disturbing in certain levels.
Then again, it is kinda cool that my mom tweets.
I guess she is slowly trying to reach out for me.
The things parents would do to connect with their kids.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cows Go Mooooo..

Semester finals is happening this month. This coming Thursday to be exact.

Absolutely love the ambiance in college this time around. Less cars. Okay, maybe more or less cars doesn't really mean much to me since I don't drive to school.

I guess it is the decreasing number of students when semester finals rolls up that I enjoy much. The canteen AND toilet is less crowded. Sometimes I wonder, why do students like to hang around outside the toilet.

I have to say, the college toilet is not exactly first class. Plus is smells, and the floor is wet AND they don't provide tissue paper! I suppose they are going head on with the "Save the Earth Go Green" crap. I don't know.

But it is starting to become sort-of a pet peeve to go into toilets that doesn't have TOILET PAPERS!

Then again, I know it is always common practise to bring a packet of tissue wherever you go.

But what if you sooo happen to be one of those that doesn't or forget? Wash backside with hands and water? so gross can? Unless you live in a tree house in the midst of the jungle then atleast you have leaves lor.

Most of the toilets here in my campus TAK ADA tissue rolls. Except for Staff toilets which are off limits to students.


Students are also humans what! humph!

Then again, all hope is not gone as I found a CUBICLE, yes, only ONE cubicle that provides tissue papers. The toilet located in the clubhouse. Girl's toilet, FIRST cubicle (just extra info for TARC students lor)

These things help narrow down my options into 3 :

1) Walk all the way to the club house.

Not that near for business students okay. Try walking under the scorching hot sun. It feels like scaling mountains and riding through stormy seas. (overly exaggerated i know)

2) Use the staff toilet

Can be a little risky as the mak ciks will nag you non stop about, how the staff toilet is only for STAFF.

I don't really care about that. I want clean toilet and that is that! *huff*


3) Hold it in until you go home

(or ATLEAST until you have the time to find a decent toilet la)

I know it is somewhat bad for my health to tahan for so long because like they say, when you have to go, you HAVE to go. But I always opt for this option. I prefer the own comfort of the toilet in my OWN HOME.

Which reminds me of this story that my mom told me when we broach the topic of clean toilets.

Apparently I had this mentality of being picky of where I need to pee pee pr poo poo.

There was once where my folks brought me to this house cum restaurant for dinner. So half way through our meal, I had to answer natures call. My mom frantically led me to this jamban. When I say jamban, this one is betul-betul macam jamban dekat hutan kind.

Little me went in while the mom waited outside. Within a minute I stepped out and told my mom that I don't wanna pee in there because it is super dirty.

With that, dinner speed was turned up a notch and well...I got to pee in comfort at my own home. lol

I don't know about you guys but I need a clean toilet or ATLEAST ones that have a roll of toilet paper because it is either choosing to have a clean ass or save the planet. Which would you pick?

My rant is pretty much pointless but I always have the tendency to blog long posts. Part of the stress relief practise when I have exams coming up.

Wish me luck!!

p/s : i wanna tippy-roll? someone's house one day! the one you throw rolls and rolls of toilet at people's house during Halloween. Whatever you call it.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boomz. lol

I know I haven't been a good blogger lately, but I swear to god, I've been busy..

Playing Wedding Dash.

and of course, I have to deal with the daily college classes.

But first thing first.


though it doesn't feel like a new year. What happen to December holidays!?

And because of that, I miss typical school holidays. Those where you have the whole of December off. After days of wishing you had to do absolutely nothing, till when the time comes you wish you had something to fill your time with.

Of course there is the upside of college compared to that. We get longer breaks. We don't have to rush towards the long queue and hustle our way for food yelling,

"Cik, Cik, Satu!" while waving a dollar bill. The canteen at 10:45am is like a scene fromThe New York Stock Exchange.....and 1/4 like prison because we have "prison wardens" known as prefects. But those were the days.

Back to New Years..I am sure everyone has their list of new year resolutions done.
Good luck in keeping up with it. I know I won't be able to keep up with mine. Why else would I have about 3 same resolutions from the previous years. I won't point them out. You will just have to guess for yourself.

Anyway, here is my Year 2010 Resolution :

cut down on swearing. i don't swear a lot, do i?

pick up a new language. prolly going full-fledge japanese.

learn to cook proper chinese dish. i am an asian girl afterall.

learn to love accounts. Or atleast TRY to. tssss....a bit tough.

get Ben a wifey. we are pretty much convinced that he is gay.

pass my grade 8 piano exam. a bit far fetch.

study harder. i must!

travel around the world. hmm...maybe when i hit mid 2os

be more confident and stand up for myself. its not like i choose to be a softie wut..

will constantly update the list until february. But I won't update it in my blog. No point.
As for pictures from my Singapore trip. You can view it from my facebook :)




Friday, January 1, 2010

Love is High

piece of artwork by Ah Ber


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Robert's Rodeo

Just saw an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond on Star World, where Robert got his rear gored by a bull. He tried to make peace with the bull and at the same time, to his girlfriend. He used the same technique he USED on the bull on his girlfriend. So imagine that !

It was a good injection of laughter!!

It kinda make me think to myself, when was the last time I had actually spent time watching TV instead of sitting in front of the computer screen plastered to Facebook and Human Pets.
It felt really good after watching a comedy series. Felt pretty light hearted.
Though I was watching it alone. I don't mean to put it in a pathetic sense. But it doesn't matter weather I watch it alone or with someone else because I will still enjoy it just as much.

It is always a topic to talk about as young kids in school. I remember every week, the day after catching the latest episode of Phua Chu Kang or Malcolm In The Middle or whatever comedy series shown on teh local channel, we would literally discuss about our favourite scene and actually keep re-enacting the whole bloody scene again.

Those days my parents were too poor to subscribe for Astro lor. But somehow, now we do! :D
haha suckers! BUT before that, we settled just fine with local channels. I would remember the day and time for this and that TV series. But if you ask me now, I don't think i can keep up with a decent show schedule.

And because of all the above, I decided to put "owning a complete box-set series of my favourite comedy series, FRIENDS!" into my 2010 new year resolution.
I know that it is pointless to get a create a new year resolution list since I barely keep up with it.
I can cross one resolution out that makes it into my yearly list. I never write or type it out but it is always in my head. That is...I want a BOYFRIEND.

Boyfriend granted. But but, I didn't wish for distance in between!! >"<
Oh well, like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, no? I guess I will have to settle for that motto for now.
I am pretty much determine to bring down the fact that people would normally say about long-distance relationships (LDR) , is that LDRs never work out. As in NEVER. They are pretty damn sure about it. Like, can't miracles happen?

I've seen successful ones and not so successful ones Just because there is a huge majority of LDR failures doesn't mean those people who are still in it should give up. *huff*
Don't let it deter you !
I'm basically trying to apply to myself. So there you go.

Oh before I forget...

To those who sent me Christmas text messages. I am sooo sorry I couldn't reply because I was holidaying in Singapore. You know the basic charges applied. So I have to be kiam siap a little la. I will blog about it later.

But first things first, better late then never so here goes...


thanks for the sweet text messages :]

looking forward to a brand new year!

Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr