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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cows Go Mooooo..

Semester finals is happening this month. This coming Thursday to be exact.

Absolutely love the ambiance in college this time around. Less cars. Okay, maybe more or less cars doesn't really mean much to me since I don't drive to school.

I guess it is the decreasing number of students when semester finals rolls up that I enjoy much. The canteen AND toilet is less crowded. Sometimes I wonder, why do students like to hang around outside the toilet.

I have to say, the college toilet is not exactly first class. Plus is smells, and the floor is wet AND they don't provide tissue paper! I suppose they are going head on with the "Save the Earth Go Green" crap. I don't know.

But it is starting to become sort-of a pet peeve to go into toilets that doesn't have TOILET PAPERS!

Then again, I know it is always common practise to bring a packet of tissue wherever you go.

But what if you sooo happen to be one of those that doesn't or forget? Wash backside with hands and water? so gross can? Unless you live in a tree house in the midst of the jungle then atleast you have leaves lor.

Most of the toilets here in my campus TAK ADA tissue rolls. Except for Staff toilets which are off limits to students.


Students are also humans what! humph!

Then again, all hope is not gone as I found a CUBICLE, yes, only ONE cubicle that provides tissue papers. The toilet located in the clubhouse. Girl's toilet, FIRST cubicle (just extra info for TARC students lor)

These things help narrow down my options into 3 :

1) Walk all the way to the club house.

Not that near for business students okay. Try walking under the scorching hot sun. It feels like scaling mountains and riding through stormy seas. (overly exaggerated i know)

2) Use the staff toilet

Can be a little risky as the mak ciks will nag you non stop about, how the staff toilet is only for STAFF.

I don't really care about that. I want clean toilet and that is that! *huff*


3) Hold it in until you go home

(or ATLEAST until you have the time to find a decent toilet la)

I know it is somewhat bad for my health to tahan for so long because like they say, when you have to go, you HAVE to go. But I always opt for this option. I prefer the own comfort of the toilet in my OWN HOME.

Which reminds me of this story that my mom told me when we broach the topic of clean toilets.

Apparently I had this mentality of being picky of where I need to pee pee pr poo poo.

There was once where my folks brought me to this house cum restaurant for dinner. So half way through our meal, I had to answer natures call. My mom frantically led me to this jamban. When I say jamban, this one is betul-betul macam jamban dekat hutan kind.

Little me went in while the mom waited outside. Within a minute I stepped out and told my mom that I don't wanna pee in there because it is super dirty.

With that, dinner speed was turned up a notch and well...I got to pee in comfort at my own home. lol

I don't know about you guys but I need a clean toilet or ATLEAST ones that have a roll of toilet paper because it is either choosing to have a clean ass or save the planet. Which would you pick?

My rant is pretty much pointless but I always have the tendency to blog long posts. Part of the stress relief practise when I have exams coming up.

Wish me luck!!

p/s : i wanna tippy-roll? someone's house one day! the one you throw rolls and rolls of toilet at people's house during Halloween. Whatever you call it.


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