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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boomz. lol

I know I haven't been a good blogger lately, but I swear to god, I've been busy..

Playing Wedding Dash.

and of course, I have to deal with the daily college classes.

But first thing first.


though it doesn't feel like a new year. What happen to December holidays!?

And because of that, I miss typical school holidays. Those where you have the whole of December off. After days of wishing you had to do absolutely nothing, till when the time comes you wish you had something to fill your time with.

Of course there is the upside of college compared to that. We get longer breaks. We don't have to rush towards the long queue and hustle our way for food yelling,

"Cik, Cik, Satu!" while waving a dollar bill. The canteen at 10:45am is like a scene fromThe New York Stock Exchange.....and 1/4 like prison because we have "prison wardens" known as prefects. But those were the days.

Back to New Years..I am sure everyone has their list of new year resolutions done.
Good luck in keeping up with it. I know I won't be able to keep up with mine. Why else would I have about 3 same resolutions from the previous years. I won't point them out. You will just have to guess for yourself.

Anyway, here is my Year 2010 Resolution :

cut down on swearing. i don't swear a lot, do i?

pick up a new language. prolly going full-fledge japanese.

learn to cook proper chinese dish. i am an asian girl afterall.

learn to love accounts. Or atleast TRY to. tssss....a bit tough.

get Ben a wifey. we are pretty much convinced that he is gay.

pass my grade 8 piano exam. a bit far fetch.

study harder. i must!

travel around the world. hmm...maybe when i hit mid 2os

be more confident and stand up for myself. its not like i choose to be a softie wut..

will constantly update the list until february. But I won't update it in my blog. No point.
As for pictures from my Singapore trip. You can view it from my facebook :)


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