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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Robert's Rodeo

Just saw an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond on Star World, where Robert got his rear gored by a bull. He tried to make peace with the bull and at the same time, to his girlfriend. He used the same technique he USED on the bull on his girlfriend. So imagine that !

It was a good injection of laughter!!

It kinda make me think to myself, when was the last time I had actually spent time watching TV instead of sitting in front of the computer screen plastered to Facebook and Human Pets.
It felt really good after watching a comedy series. Felt pretty light hearted.
Though I was watching it alone. I don't mean to put it in a pathetic sense. But it doesn't matter weather I watch it alone or with someone else because I will still enjoy it just as much.

It is always a topic to talk about as young kids in school. I remember every week, the day after catching the latest episode of Phua Chu Kang or Malcolm In The Middle or whatever comedy series shown on teh local channel, we would literally discuss about our favourite scene and actually keep re-enacting the whole bloody scene again.

Those days my parents were too poor to subscribe for Astro lor. But somehow, now we do! :D
haha suckers! BUT before that, we settled just fine with local channels. I would remember the day and time for this and that TV series. But if you ask me now, I don't think i can keep up with a decent show schedule.

And because of all the above, I decided to put "owning a complete box-set series of my favourite comedy series, FRIENDS!" into my 2010 new year resolution.
I know that it is pointless to get a create a new year resolution list since I barely keep up with it.
I can cross one resolution out that makes it into my yearly list. I never write or type it out but it is always in my head. That is...I want a BOYFRIEND.

Boyfriend granted. But but, I didn't wish for distance in between!! >"<
Oh well, like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, no? I guess I will have to settle for that motto for now.
I am pretty much determine to bring down the fact that people would normally say about long-distance relationships (LDR) , is that LDRs never work out. As in NEVER. They are pretty damn sure about it. Like, can't miracles happen?

I've seen successful ones and not so successful ones Just because there is a huge majority of LDR failures doesn't mean those people who are still in it should give up. *huff*
Don't let it deter you !
I'm basically trying to apply to myself. So there you go.

Oh before I forget...

To those who sent me Christmas text messages. I am sooo sorry I couldn't reply because I was holidaying in Singapore. You know the basic charges applied. So I have to be kiam siap a little la. I will blog about it later.

But first things first, better late then never so here goes...


thanks for the sweet text messages :]

looking forward to a brand new year!


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