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Monday, January 18, 2010

Earlier today, I was browsing through a few blogshops though I am pretty sure I won't put anything into my shopping cart.

I haven't tried purchasing anything online except for a pair of concert tickets and of course the usual movie tickets. I don't wanna get stuck in a snake queue at the cinema. Very frustrating.

Anyway, I saw a few blogshops that are selling super cute pairs of heels. To top things off, they come in affordable price tags!
Being a typical girl, I have my shoe fetish.

But I buy them just to put them on and look pretty and NOT suck on it like those perverts with foot/stockings/shoes fetish. That is like fucking gross. brrrughhh..

But the sad thing is...I am a size 9 (40) and most blogshops sell shoe sizes like 36 -39. Mostly up to 39 only.

So saaaad cann !

If you could put everything stated above, together, then you can see my dilemma with shoes.

It is tough for me to find non-branded shoes that is MY SIZE.
It is not fair that they only cater to petite girls with puny feet.

For instance, look at Time Square. Pretty shoes abundance. That place is starting to be my favourite haunt for shoes. So many shoe shops! and damn cheap somemore.
Sadly, don't have my size. Or rather, it is rare.

I remember once I went there looking for a pair of heels. Saw a few pretty but quirky design pair of heels but I kept getting "sorry miss, no more size"


Then I came to this shop that ACTUALLY have a size 9 ! amen.

When the lady brought the shoes out and I tried them on...Fuck! the cutting is too small. Like a freaking size 8. FML!

Hence, I give up shopping for shoes in Times Square.

Well, maybe not. I let my guard down a little sometimes and go there. Just to feast my eyes on pretty shoes and get slap with another round of disappointment.

The cousin Joan once told me I can only wear branded stuff and I have a rich kid's feet?
all said in cantonese though.

Sammy ish mad sadd !!

Blogshops please make bigger shoe sizes available for bigfoot(s) like me :(


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